March, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting



Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Board Members and Officers present:

Mr. Anthony DeRobertis   President

Ms. Stephanie Byers   Vice President

Ms. Angela Ojeda   Treasurer
Mr. Trushant Mehta   Secretary

Mr. Jeff Marsh   Director

Committee Members present:

Ms. Ann Welsh   Landscape and Grounds Committee

Staff members & Service Providers present:

Ms. Patti Picciano   Community Manager, Horizon Community Services
Mr. J.A. Jeffers   
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Mr. Andrew Doepping   
Lafayette Federal Credit Union

Officer Jeffers was present to introduce himself to all those in attendance and to discuss any concerns regarding unlawful activity in the Association.


A. Call to Order

Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.


B. Confirmation of Quorum

Mr. DeRobertis confirmed that the Board had achieved quorum to conduct business of the Association with five (5) out of five (5) Board Members being present.


C. Homeowner Forum

Mr. DeRobertis called for any questions, comments or concerns from those homeowners in attendance.

Ms. Cheryl Hammes inquired what actions the Board is taking to enforce rules and covenant violations in the community. Mr. DeRobertis noted that the new Enforcement Policy Resolution that was approved in January allows the Association to perform corrective work on a homeowner’s property and then bill the homeowner the associated expense should the homeowner not perform the corrective work within the timeframe specified by the Board.

A homeowner noted that one of his neighbors had been parking in/blocking his driveway. The Board noted that homeowners are authorized to contact a towing company to have vehicles towed if they are parked in their property. Officer Jeffers noted that the Loudon County Sherriff’s office may be contacted to ticket a vehicle if a vehicle is parked in a manner that it is physically obstructing access to a driveway. Additionally the Board will look into re-striping the white parking lines near the driveway so that access to the driveway is less likely to be obstructed.

A homeowner noted that they just moved into a single on Westerly Court where the back of house faces Augusta. As people are exceeding speeds of more than 35 mph while traveling through the neighborhood, would it be possible for the Association to install a stop sign at Backwater or Antioch to slow people down. Officer Jeffers noted that VDOT would need to be involved with adding stop signs in the single family homes as these are public streets. The Association does not have the authority to add stop signs on public streets.

A homeowner inquired if they are allowed to plant trees on their property. Mr. DeRobertis noted that an ARB Application should be submitted for any exterior/landscaping modifications prior to completing the work.

Officer Jeffers noted that since the last meeting, there was a report of an individual with a machete on a path near Sugarland Run. Officer Jeffers noted that the incident is not what was initially reported so there is no threat to the community at this time.

Officer Jeffers noted that there was a report of a woman who was accosted by 4 subjects on a path near Sugarland Run. This report is still under investigation.

Officer Jeffers recommended that all homeowners keep their cars locked when parked at all times.


D. Approval of Meeting Minutes

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the minutes of the February 27th, 2014 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors for approval. It was: APPROVED

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of the February 27th, 2014 as submitted. UNAMIOUSLY APPROVED


E. Committee Reports

The President called for any Committee Reports.

Landscape and Grounds Committee
Ms. Welsh noted that the tulips and daffodils are starting to pop up throughout the community. Additionally the new garden on the asphalt trail near the pool and the gardens at the main entrance of the community are looking very nice.

Pool Committee No report.

Treasurers’ Report
Ms. Ojeda inquired why the Board engaged a separate vendor to prepare a replacement reserve study as opposed to hiring the same consultant to update the most recent study. Ms. Picciano noted that since the last reserve study was prepared 5 years ago, it was required that a new study be prepared.

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F. New Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Association Business to be discussed.

Ms. Byers inquired if it might be beneficial to direct the trash haulers to pick up the trash later in the morning (10:00 am – Noon) as opposed to first thing in the morning. Several pros and cons were discussed.

Andrew Doepping with Lafayette Federal Credit Union was present to discuss the financial/investment services his firm could provide to the Association.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that the current pool pass system can no longer be used as the Polaroid film that was used to create passes is no longer available. As such, the Pool Committee is looking for volunteers to create and implement a photo ID pool pass system.

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED: That the Board approve the Pool Committee to spend up to $500.00 on a laminator and other required supplies required to produce pool passes.


G. Old Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Association Business to be discussed.

Ms. Picciano presented a proposal from Heritage Landscape Services (HLS) to install rubber mulch in the tot lot at a cost of $10,300.00 ($2,800.00 of this expense is an on-time cost to remove the existing mulch). The Board requested that management determine the typical useful life of the rubber mulch.

Ms. Picciano presented the draft FY2014 Budget.

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board approve the FY2014 Budget as presented.


H. Management Report

Mr. DeRobertis called for the Management Report by Horizon Community Services.

Ms. Picciano noted that all business included in the Management Report had been discussed in Conducting Business.


I. Executive Session

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED: That the Board recess into Executive Session.

There Board recessed into Executive Session at 8:44 pm.


The Board discussed attorney/client privileged communications and collection matters in Executive Session.


J. Reconvene to Regular Session

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Mehta SECONDED: That the Board reconvene into Regular Session.

The Board reconvened into Regular Session at 8:59 pm.

The Board requested that management provide a report showing all homeowners that have a credit on their account.


K. Close of Business

There being no further business to come before the Board in Regular Meeting, it was:

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Mehta Seconded: That the March 27th, 2014, Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors be adjourned.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Christopher J. Swemba