April, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting




Thursday, April 23rd, 2015


Board Members and Officers present:

Mr. Anthony DeRobertis           President         

Mr. Jeff Marsh                       Vice President

Ms. Stephanie Byers                 Secretary

Ms. Angela Ojeda                     Treasurer                                            

Mr. Trushant Mehta                   Director


Committee Members present:

            Ms. Ann Welsh                      Landscape and Grounds Committee


Staff members & Service Providers present:

Ms. Tracy Plazyk                  Community Manager, Horizon Community Services

Mr. Kenny Tschida                Area Manager, Heritage Landscape Services

Mr. Christopher Swemba       Recording Secretary, C&C Securities, LLC


A.        Call to Order

Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


B.        Confirmation of Quorum 

Mr. DeRobertis confirmed that the Board had achieved quorum to conduct business of the Association with five (5) out of five (5) Board Members being present.


C.        Homeowner Forum

Mr. DeRobertis called for any questions, comments or concerns from those residents in attendance.


There were no questions or concerns expressed.


D.        Approval of Meeting Agenda

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the agenda of the April 23rd, 2015 Regular Meetingof the Board of Directors for approval.   Ms. Byers noted that the Board should add the discussion of the Parking Policy and Pool Issues to Old Business.

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Trushant SECONDED: To approve the agenda of the April 23rd, 2015 Regular Meeting Minutes as amended.



E.         Heritage Landscape (HLS) Presentation

Mr. Kenny Tschida with HLS was present to give an update regarding the ongoing maintenance taking place in the community and to answer any questions from the Board.  Mr. Tschida noted that crews have been working on mulching the common areas and should be complete tomorrow.  Additionally, the grass was mowed and trimmed today.  Moving forward the grass will be cut every 7 to 10 days. 


Mr. Tschida noted that crews from HLS will be picking up trash every Tuesday.  HLS will submit the notification that is to be delivered to Ms. Welsh each time HLS is on site to pick-up trash to management for review & Board approval.


Mr. DeRobertis expressed concerns that HLS did not start their annual maintenance early enough in 2015.  Mr. Tschida noted that HLS’ timeframe for starting their regular grounds maintenance is dependent primarily on soil temperatures and weather.  As the grass did not start growing/filling in until mid-April, HLS did not start their maintenance in March.


Ms. Byers noted that there is still additional contract work that was approved by the Board that HLS has not yet performed.  Ms. Plazyk requested that Ms. Welsh provide a final perennial plant list and a list of trees that are owed to the Association by HLS so she may formally present to HLS.


Ms. Plazyk requested that HLS provide their standard maintenance schedule in addition to a schedule for addressing the missing perennials and trees.


Ms. Welsh requested that HLS ensure that crew managers have colored maps identifying the common areas throughout the community.


Mr. Tschida noted that there used to be a pathway for HLS to transport their mower to reach common area grounds behind the homes on Antioque Place; however a homeowner has installed a fence that now restricts access.  Ms. Plazyk requested that HLS provide the address of the home so she may confirm if the fence is improperly constructed on common area grounds.


F.         Officer Reports


President’s Report

Mr. DeRobertis noted that he has not had a chance to finalize the draft Social Media Policy.  He intends to present the draft document prior to the next meeting.


Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Ojeda noted that GL account 3125 (Townhome Reserves) are not up to date on the March Balance Sheet. 


Ms. Ojeda noted that she would like to set up a time to meet with a member of Horizon’s accounting department to review the Association’s financials in detail.


Ms. Plazyk presented the Corporate and Unincorporated Organization Resolution to Ms. Ojeda for completion.


Secretary’s Report

No Report


G.        Approval of Meeting Minutes

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the minutes of the April 23rd, 2015 Regular Meetingof the Board of Directors for approval.  The Board tabled the approval of the minutes as they did not have ample time to review prior to the meeting.


H.        Committee Reports

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Committee Reports.


Pool Committee

Mr. Mehta noted that he will be providing details on issuing pool passes in the near future.  


Mr. Mehta noted that he intends to meet with the life guards prior to the pool opening. 


Mr. Mehta noted that two homeowners had expressed interest in volunteering to serve on the Pool Committee.


Mr. DeRobertis noted that the revised Pool Committee Charter still needs to be reviewed and voted on by the Board. 

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. Trushant SECONDED: To approve the Pool Committee Charter by April 27th and to appoint a Pool Committee by May 1st via email. 



Landscape and Grounds Committee

Ms. Welsh noted that HLS did not meet her performance expectations when starting up the season in both 2014 and 2015.  Ms. Welsh requested that the Board draft a letter to HLS expressing their dissatisfaction and formally request that they perform to the Association’s expectations. Ms. Plazyk requested that the Board provide the letter to be sent to HLS to MGMT no later than May 1st.


Ms. Plazyk explained that it is in the Board’s best interest to wait until the fall (after the prime landscaping season) should the Board wish to re-evaluate continuing to engage HLS to perform landscape maintenance.


Ms. Ojeda noted that the installation of the new irrigation system and landscape lighting is complete.  Mr. DeRobertis noted that one of the new lights (near the pool house) is out and requested that Ms. Plazyk address.


Ms. Ojeda noted that fire lane curbs were scraped yesterday and painting had started today.


I.          Old Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Old Business to be discussed.


The Board tabled the discussion of draft Committee Charters


The Board tabled the discussion of the appointment of a Pool Committee.


The Board discussed if there were any age discrimination issues with designating time at the pool as “adult swim”.

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED:  To amend the pool rules so that there is no 10 minute “break” each hour unless deemed appropriate by the guard(s) on duty.



Ms. Byers MOVED and Ms. Ojeda SECONDED:  To amend the pool rules so that the 10 minute “break” each hour be designated as “lap swim” only (applicable to the entire pool).



Mr. DeRobertis noted that the Pool Committee may decide on the hours for pool pass issuance.


Mr. DeRobertis noted that the Pool Committee would likely require supplies to produce/issue new pool passes.

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED:  To authorize the Pool Committee to spend up to $250.00 for supplies required to produce/issue new pool passes.



Ms. Plyzyk requested that the Board submit the final formatted mailing with all information to be communicated to residents; specifying the size and color of paper to be used.  The Board confirmed that the information they wished to communicate in the mailing included:

  • Distribute the revised Parking Policy – needs to be complete before mailing goes out
  • Pool pass issuance details
  • Requesting volunteers to serve on committees
  • Information on how to properly maintain landscaping and trees


Mr. DeRobertis inquired if MGMT had received feedback from legal counsel regarding the revised Parking Policy Resolution that was submitted for review.  Ms. Plazyk noted that she would follow up for legal counsel. 


G.        New Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any New Business.


There was no New Business for Board discussion.


H.        Management Report

Mr. DeRobertis called for the Management Report by Horizon Community Services.


Ms. Plazyk introduced herself to the Board of Directors. 


Ms. Plazyk noted that all business included in the Management Report had been discussed prior in the meeting.


I.          Executive Session


Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Ojeda SECONDED: That the Board recess into Executive Session.



There Board recessed into Executive Session at 8:50 pm.


The Board discussed attorney/client privileged communications and collection matters in Executive Session.


J.         Reconvene to Regular Session


Mr. Marsh MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board reconvene into Regular Session.



The Board reconvened into Regular Session at 8:58 pm.


The Board confirmed the next Regular Meeting of The Board of Directors will be scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm at Dominion High School.


K.        Close of Business

There being no further business to come before the Board in Regular Meeting, it was:

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Marsh Seconded:  That the March 26th, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors be adjourned. 



Meeting was adjourned at 8:59 pm.         


Minutes respectfully submitted by: 

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