July, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting




Thursday, July 21st, 2015


Board Members and Officers present:

Mr. Anthony DeRobertis          President         

Mr. Jeff Marsh                         Vice President

Ms. Stephanie Byers                 Secretary

Ms. Angela Ojeda                    Treasurer

Mr. Trushant Mehta*               Director                                              


Committee Members present:

            Ms. Ann Welsh                       Landscape and Grounds Committee


Staff members & Service Providers present:

Ms. Tracy Plazyk                    Community Manager, Horizon Community Services

Mr. Christopher Swemba        Recording Secretary, C&C Securities, LLC


A.        Call to Order

Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.


B.        Confirmation of Quorum 

Mr. DeRobertis confirmed that the Board had achieved quorum to conduct business of the Association with four (4) out of five (5) Board Members being present.


C.        Homeowner Forum

Mr. DeRobertis called for any questions, comments or concerns from those residents in attendance.

There were no questions or concerns expressed.


D.        Approval of Meeting Agenda

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the agenda of the July 21st, 2015 Regular Meetingof the Board of Directors for approval.  Mr. DeRobertis suggested adding under Old Business: HLS performance letters, common area landscaping watering, pool house flooring, informational flyer, and fire lane painting.  New Business to be added should include discussion of the Standard Policy for Committees, pool pass dates, and bidding out the landscape maintenance contract.

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Ojeda SECONDED: To approve the agenda of the July 21st, 2015 Regular Meeting as amended.



E.        Officer Reports

Presidents Report

Mr. DeRobertis noted that any required hearings for covenant violations need to be scheduled to take place starting at 6:00 pm on August 27th. 

Mr. DeRobertis noted he had distributed the draft Social Media Policy to the Board for review and comments.  Mr. DeRobertis requested that all Board Members submit any comments/feedback ASAP.

Mr. DeRobertis suggested holding an informal input session at the pool for all residents prior to each Board meeting.  Instead of hosting a meeting each month, the Board decided to place a community suggestion box at the pool house on a trial basis.

Mr. DeRobertis suggested purchasing business cards that included management’s contact information as well as the community distribution list information to be distributed at the pool.  Mr. Marsh noted he would order the cards.

Mr. DeRobertis noted the pool rules on the community website are not up to date.  In order to update the rules, a new pool policy resolution with the current rules needs to be drafted and approved.  The Pool Committee will be responsible for drafting a resolution for Board review.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that pool has been busier than usual.  As a result the guards on duty appear to be having difficulty checking folks in, enforcing rules, and maintaining the pool.  The Board may need to discuss adding an additional guard(s) if pool use continues to be high.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that there are 3 damaged chairs and 1 damaged umbrella at the pool.  The Pool Committee will be responsible for coordinating the replacement of this furniture.  Mr. DeRobertis noted that Ms. Leslie Sterba may have some information regarding where the furniture was purchased.  Ms. Ojeda recommended reviewing the replacement reserve study to determine when the pool furniture is projected to be replaced.


Treasurer Report

Ms. Ojeda inquired about the status of notarizing the signatory forms for the New York Life Investment account.  Mr. DeRobertis noted that he would have the document notarized in the next few days.  

Ms. Ojeda inquired what expenses were included in the landscaping line item in the financials.  Ms. Plazyk noted that she would need to research any specific questions regarding the financials.  

Ms. Ojeda inquired if management was authorized to approve expenditures over $1,000.00 as it appears landscape watering service was provided at a cost exceeding $1,000.00.  Ms. Plazyk noted that the watering is performed on an hourly basis and that the Board had requested that Ms. Plazyk coordinate this service to take place.


Secretary Report:

Ms. Byers had no report for the Board.


F.         Approval of Meeting Minutes

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the minutes of the June 25th, 2015 Regular Meetingof the Board of Directors for approval.  The Board tabled the discussion of the minutes as they had not had ample time to review. 


G.        Committee Reports

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Committee Reports.

Landscape and Grounds Committee

Ms. Welsh noted that she believes the watering crews did not have any type of plan or direction when watering the common area grounds.  Ms. Plazyk requested that Ms. Welsh communicate in writing what areas are not being properly watered so she may formally notify HLS. 

Ms. Ojeda noted that she would forward a list of observations to Ms. Plazyk regarding HLS not performing/meeting the expectations set forth in the landscape maintenance agreement (i.e. frequency of mowing and pruning plants in a uniform manner). 


Pool Committee

No report for the Board.


Tot Lot Committee

No report for the Board.


H.        Old Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Old Business to be discussed.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that the revised draft Parking Policy Resolution is under legal review by counsel.  Mr. DeRobertis requested that Ms. Plazyk request that legal counsel provide their comments prior to the August Board meeting.  

Ms. Ojeda suggested that the Board table the discussion of the HLS performance letter responses.  The Board agreed to table the discussion so the Landscape Committee may summarize their concerns.  The Landscape Committee agreed to provide the summary of their concerns to HLS’ response prior to August 1st.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that a resident had pointed out that the paint on the pool house floor is failing and suggested installing a tile as it would last longer than paint.  The Board requested that Ms. Plazyk obtain pricing to 1) repaint the pool house floor and to 2) install 18” x 18” tile so the Board may compare pricing.


*Mr. Mehta arrived at 8:10 pm.


Mr. DeRobertis noted that the one-page flyer with trash removal procedures landscape maintenance responsibilities, and general property upkeep responsibilities for Westerly residents had not been sent out to the community as approved by the Board at the May meeting.  Ms. Byers noted she would draft a flyer for Board review.  Once approved by the Board management will distribute to all residents.


I.         New Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any New Business.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that he had circulated the revised draft Standard Policy for Committees for the Board for review. 

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. Mehta SECONDED:  That the Board approve the Standard Policy for Committees as amended.

The Board directed management to mail the Standard Policy for Committees with the one-page informational flyer. 

Mr. DeRobertis suggested that the Pool Committee offer to print pool passes for residents at Westerley Day.  Any additional passes that are requested by residents will be scheduled to be individually issued on an as-needed basis.

The Board agreed that the Association should bid out the landscaping maintenance agreement for CY2016.   Ms. Plazyk requested that the Landscape Committee/Board summarize their expectations so that management may communicate a clear scope of work when bidding out the contract.

Mr. DeRobertis inquired if Ms. Ojeda or Ms. Plazyk was planning to contact the Fire Marshal to determine if the curb should be painted only between the “No Parking – Fire Lane” signs.  Currently the yellow curb extends past the signage.  Ms. Ojeda noted she would follow up with the Fire Marshall.


J.         Management Report

Mr. DeRobertis called for the Management Report by Horizon Community Services.

Ms. Plazyk noted that all business included in the Management Report had been discussed prior in the meeting.


K.        Executive Session


Mr. Marsh MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board recess into Executive Session.



There Board recessed into Executive Session at 8:52 pm.


The Board discussed attorney/client privileged communications, Board/Committee/Management communicates, and collection matters in Executive Session.


L.        Reconvene to Regular Session


Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED: That the Board reconvene into Regular Session.



The Board reconvened into Regular Session at 8:58 pm.


The Board ratified the unanimous vote (via email) to accept the offer of $1,986.00 to satisfy the account balance on account number 010501.


The Board confirmed the next Regular Meeting of The Board of Directors will be scheduled to take place on Thursday, August 27th at 6:00 pm at Cascades Library.


M.       Close of Business

There being no further business to come before the Board in Regular Meeting, it was:

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Byers Seconded:  That the July 21st, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors be adjourned. 


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.          


Minutes respectfully submitted by: 

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