September, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting




Thursday, September 24th, 2015


Board Members and Officers present:

Mr. Anthony DeRobertis          President         

Mr. Jeff Marsh                         Vice President

Ms. Stephanie Byers                 Secretary

Ms. Angela Ojeda*                  Treasurer

Mr. Trushant Mehta**             Director                                              


Committee Members present:



Staff members & Service Providers present:

Ms. Tracy Plazyk                    Community Manager, Horizon Community Services

Mr. Christopher Swemba        Recording Secretary, C&C Securities, LLC


A.        Call to Order

Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:07 pm.


B.        Confirmation of Quorum 

Mr. DeRobertis confirmed that the Board had achieved quorum to conduct business of the Association with three (3) out of five (5) Board Members being present.


*Ms. Ojeda arrived at 7:11 pm.


C.        Homeowner Forum

Mr. DeRobertis called for any questions, comments or concerns from those residents in attendance.

A resident was present to follow up on their request to management regarding their neighbor not maintaining the property (grounds, trash, etc.).  Ms. Playzk noted that the initial issue reported on September 1st has been rectified.  Additionally, Ms. Playzk explained that management is currently working to resolve the additional deferred maintenance items recently reported.  Ms. Ojeda suggested that the homeowner report the issues to Loudon County as they have methods of enforcement that may be implemented (in addition to the Association’s efforts).


D.        Approval of Meeting Agenda

Mr. DeRobertis submitted the agenda of the September 24th, 2015 Regular Meetingof the Board of Directors for approval. 

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Ojeda SECONDED: To approve the agenda of the September 24th, 2015 Regular Meeting as presented.



E.        Officer Reports

Presidents Report

Mr. DeRobertis noted that he mapped out all the street lights the Association is responsible for maintaining and only counted 19.  Mr. DeRobertis also noted that Dominion is billing the Association to maintain 21 street lights.  Mr. DeRobertis requested that the Board assist with confirming how many street lights there are.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that the electronic copy of the Association’s historical records had been received.  Mr. DeRobertis requested the following from Ms. Playzk:

  • OCR the electronic records
  • Can the PDF documents be divided so they may be better organized
  • Three PDF files are corrupt and cannot be opened
  • Include all HCS data (active files)

Ms. Playzk requested that a summary of all requests (regarding electronic copies of the Association’s historical records) be submitted via email.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that all the equipment used to issue pool passes is currently being stored at the pool house.  Mr. DeRobertis requested that one of the Board Members volunteer to pick up the equipment and store it at their home.

The Board directed Ms. Playzk to mail the one-page informational flyer (to be provided by Mr. DeRobertis) that included trash removal procedures, landscape maintenance responsibilities, and general property upkeep responsibilities for Westerly residents.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that any required hearings for covenant violations need to be scheduled to take place at 6:00 pm on October 22nd. 

Mr. DeRobertis noted that the Board needs to start thinking about when the annual meeting should be schedule to take place.


Treasurer Report

Ms. Ojeda noted that she had tried to contact Horizon’s accounting department earlier in the day to inquire what expenses were included in the Grounds Contract and Trash Removal line items in the financials.  Ms. Plazyk noted that she would need to research any specific questions regarding the financials. 

Ms. Ojeda noted that she had contacted the Fire Marshal to determine if the curb should be painted only between the “No Parking – Fire Lane” signs (as the yellow curb currently extends past the signage).  The Fire Marshal confirmed that the curb is only to be painted yellow between the poles of the signage.  Ms. Byers noted she would correct the curb painting this weekend (using gray spray paint).    

Mr. DeRobertis confirmed that the signatory forms for the New York Life Investment account had been notarized and submitted to management. 


Secretary Report:

Ms. Byers had no report for the Board.


F.         Committee Reports

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Committee Reports.


Landscape and Grounds Committee

Ms. Welsh was not present to give a report.

Mr. DeRobertis noted HLS had communicated that they believe the contract should be terminated effective 12/31/15.

Ms. Ojeda directed management to request that HLS complete all tree and shrub clearing at all fenced areas as she interprets the scope of work in the agreement to be inclusive of keeping all structures free of branches.  Ms. Playzk noted that HLS’ position is that all pruning required per the maintenance contract has been completed.  The Board agreed to table the discussion of Ms. Ojeda’s request to a later date.


Pool Committee

Mr. Marsh inquired about the status of upgrading/replacing the community signage at the pool house.  Mr. DeRobertis noted that volunteers will be needed to coordinate and oversee this enhancement.


Tot Lot Committee

No report for the Board.


**Mr. Mehta arrived at 7:45 pm.


G.        Old Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any Old Business to be discussed.

Mr. DeRobertis presented that the revised draft Parking Policy Resolution for Board Review. 

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED: That the Board approve the Parking Policy Resolution as amended.


Ms. Playzk confirmed the approved Parking Policy Resolution will be provided to Road Runner in order to be enforced effective November 1st, 2015.

Mr. Marsh recommended that a Parking Committee be established so that meetings may be held to address parking issues within the community.  Mr. Marsh volunteered to chair the Parking Committee.   

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board approve establishing a Parking Committee.



Mr. DeRobertis noted that a resident had pointed out that the paint on the pool house floor is failing and suggested installing a tile as it would last longer than re-painting.  Mr. DeRobertis suggested establishing an Ad Hoc Committee to coordinate addressing the pool house floor.  A resident (Danielle Dimitriov) has volunteered to chair the committee.   

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Marsh SECONDED: That the Board appoint Danielle Dimitriov to the Pool House Floor Ad Hoc Committee.



Ms. Playzk presented a proposal from Finley to seal cracks/seal coat the townhome streets and walking path along Route 7.  The proposal is based off Finley’s recommendation of what areas need to be addressed.  Ms. Playzk recommended that the Board provide a site map identifying the locations and the extent of the work the Board would like to complete.  Mr. DeRobertis suggested that additional proposals be obtained.  The scope of work to be bid should be minimum work to prevent damage during the winter.  Additionally, pricing for the road work and walking path should be presented separately.


The Board agreed to table the discussion of the HLS performance letter responses. 


H.        New Business

Mr. DeRobertis called for any New Business.

The Board requested that Ms. Playzk request pricing from Premier Pools for pool management services for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.  The Board directed Ms. Playzk to request that Premier hold their 2015 pricing for both 2016 and 2017. 

Ms. Playzk presented a proposal from Premier Pools for recommended for repairs at the pool/pool house.  Ms. Playzk noted she would circulate the proposal via email to the Board for review.

Ms. Playzk reminded the Board that the FY2016 budget (to be prepared by Ms. Ojeda and management) needs to be approved at the November meeting.

Ms. Byers presented a proposal from Dixie Electric for misc. electric work at the pool house.  Ms. Byers noted that installing the required intake louver will be an additional expense (as a separate vendor will be required to complete).

Ms. Byers MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board approve the proposal from Dixie Electric for misc. electric work at the pool house at a cost of $550.00.

            APPROVED by a vote of 3-0; Ms. Ojeda and Mr. Mehta abstained.


The Board tabled the discussion of developing guidelines for installing solar panels in the community.

Ms. Ojeda presented a proposal from Bio Green to add additional irrigation sprinklers in the common areas.  The Board recommended working through the budget to ensure money was available to be allocated to the project prior to approving the work.

Mr. DeRobertis noted that he would be working on the Pool Committee Charter.

The Board agreed that the Association should bid out the landscaping maintenance agreement for CY2016.   Ms. Plazyk requested that the Landscape Committee/Board summarize their expectations so that management may communicate a clear scope of work when bidding out the contract.  Ms. Ojeda noted that she had already prepared a RFP and was working with vendors to obtain maintenance proposals for CY2016.  The Board requested that Ms. Ojeda forward the RFP to Ms. Playzk as well as confirm the vendors whom she had contacted.


I.         Management Report

Mr. DeRobertis called for the Management Report by Horizon Community Services.

Ms. Plazyk noted that all business included in the Management Report had been discussed prior in the meeting.


J.         Executive Session


Mr. Marsh MOVED and Mr. DeRobertis SECONDED: That the Board recess into Executive Session.



There Board recessed into Executive Session at 8:39 pm.


The Board discussed attorney/client privileged communications, Board/Committee/Management communicates, and collection matters in Executive Session.


K.        Reconvene to Regular Session


Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Ms. Byers SECONDED: That the Board reconvene into Regular Session.



The Board reconvened into Regular Session at 8:58 pm.


Ms. Byers MOVED and Ms. Ojeda SECONDED:  That the Board accept legal counsel’s recommendation to write off bad debt of $1,615.10 from account #016701



The Board confirmed the next Regular Meeting of The Board of Directors will be scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 22nd at 6:00 pm at Dominion High School.


L.        Close of Business

There being no further business to come before the Board in Regular Meeting, it was:

Mr. DeRobertis MOVED and Mr. Byers Seconded:  That the September 24th, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors be adjourned. 


Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.          


Minutes respectfully submitted by: 

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