February, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting (second)

Meeting Date  2/25/16

Meeting Called to Order 7:15PM

Location Dominion HS Library


All Board Members Present:  Anthony,  Jeff, Stephanie, Angela and Trushant

Resident Present: Arvin Sudan

Vendor Present: Pete from Premier Aquatics


Home Owner Forum- Arvin Sudan stated there are parking issues, he does not agree with the parking policy, he threatened to stop paying his dues and threatened legal action.  He will send issues to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Premier Aquatics- the tile is not done and has not been paid for.  Pete was asked if all the items in the proposal are necessary or cosmetic.  Also asked if the work to be done will delay the opening of the pool.  If we do the white coat, we will not be able to open on time.  Pete stated the white coat has a 5-7 year life.  Angela argued that the reserve study states it should last 8-12 years.  Reserve Study shows a estimated 2018 replacement. Discussed who is correct.   If we decide NLT 3/1 there would be no delay in opening the pool.  There is a 2 year warranty.  No certain temperature is needed to do the work on the pool.  Discussion over $150 to lower the water.

Discussion over the Wading Pool Acid clean.  New Trim tile at the time of white coat.

Water line tile need to be replaced at the time the white coat is done,  5-7 year life span.   Skimmer has to be done every year.  If doing the tiling, this is included.


Stephanie moved to approve the agenda as amended.  All were in favor.

Stephanie made a motion to accept the Premier Aquatics proposal as presented, $48,850 minus $775 for separate skimmer repair.  4 Yes, 1 No.  (Yes=Anthony, Jeff, Stephanie, Trushant……No=Angela)


Treasurer Report- Angela Passed


Secretary Report- Jeff brought up that we need the minutes from 5/2015, 11/2015 and 12/2015.  Have not heard from Recording Secretary, Chris Swemba.


President Report- Need Amendments from Pool Committee, but first we need a Pool Committee. 

Need to amend the design guidelines,

need to respond to Home Owner request complaining about grass ruined by snow plow.  We will reseed.  HO needs to water. 

Need to schedule rain/snow dates in advance for cancelled meetings.


Parking Committee- Jeff stated that Road Runner was only towing in fire lanes at this time.  Stephanie motioned to accept the RR contract to tow based on the rules of the contract without needing us to call in the tow.  Trushant second.  All in favor. 

Stephanie will send an email to the discussion list asking if anyone knows about the missing Stop sign on Southern Oaks.


Budget- Anthony made a motion to accept the budget, Jeff second it.  Discussion-add a line item for sidewalk snow removal at line 22 and take the money from General Funds.  Amended the Budget and 2016 remaining dues will be set at $80 SFH and $99 TH.  Amendments were: change the General Repair and Maintenance from $5K to $6K…..And TH assessment is derived from After the Snow Removal Reserve.

Anthony stated Angela will be sent the budget by email with these changes.   Anthony moved to close the discussion on the budget:  4 Yes, 1 No.  (Yes=Anthony, Jeff, Stephanie, Trushant……No=Angela)

Anthony moved to pass the budget as amended, 4 Yes, 1 No.  (Yes=Anthony, Jeff, Stephanie, Trushant……No=Angela) Angela originally presented a budget with assessments of SF $82 and TH $102.


Tracy explained a $350 overpayment for ProPave as being an approved cost as part of the fire lane painting.  Requested again that communication with vendors come through management.  Angela has called the new grounds company directly and Tracy reminded us this cannot happen again.  Tracy requested that she not be contacted about things she has been assigned to do from the last meeting.  She will status us at the next meeting.   At the end of the meeting Tracy further gave the following detail: Tracy was looking for an invoice in the amount of $1900, then was told there was an additional $350 that was added to it, but could not locate an invoice in the amount of $2250.  She did find and invoice for $4675 and we are expecting a refund of $2425 for the overpayment. 

Board waiting for Tracy to confirm availability for March meeting date, 3/29-3/31.   April is the Annual Meeting and set for 4/26.


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Meeting adjourned 9 PM.