June, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting (second)




21030 Whitfield Place

Potomac Falls, VA 20165

June 30, 2016


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis   President        

                                                Jeff Marsh                   Vice President

Angela Ojeda              Treasurer (arrived at 7:09 p.m.)

Stephanie Byers          Secretary


Board Members Absent:      None


Others Present:                     Anne Welsh                Grounds Committee

                                                Joe Barrows                Sentry Management

                                                Laura Poole                 Sentry Management

                                                Karen Case                  Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.


II.        Approval of Agenda:

MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Mr. Marsh seconded, to approve the agenda as amendedMotion passed unanimously (3-0-0).


III.      Homeowner Forum:

Homeowner discussed an inspection violation letter he received regarding missing crossbar from lamp post.  Homeowner indicated he should not have received the violation because he has an approved landscape change request for his current lamp post which does not have a crossbar.


Ms. Ojeda arrived at 7:09 p.m.


IV.      President’s Report: 

Mr. DeRobertis requested update on Kauffman.  Mr. Barrows reported he made several attempts to reach Kauffman but they have not responded yet.  Mr. DeRobertis suggested the Board needs a backup plan for services if Kauffman does not respond.


V.        Treasurer’s Report: 

No report given.


VI.      Secretary’s Report:

Mr. DeRobertis moved and Mr. Marsh seconded to approve the April 28, 2016 Board meeting minutes as submitted with Ms. Byers and Ms. Ojeda abstaining.


Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the June 7, 2016 Board meeting minutes as amended.  Motion passed without objection.


VII.     Committee Reports:


Grounds – Ms. Welsh commented on and suggested improvement in how the team communicates and works together over email.  Ms. Welsh indicated the irrigation system is not watering the plants enough at the entrance.  Irrigation settings may need to be adjusted.  Ms. Welsh indicated Advantage has not planted the hydrangeas; they have not done the weed control/Roundup in the new garden; and they have not replaced the perennials they removed erroneously.  Question was raised about whether they are applying Roundup correctly.  Management will follow up on these items.  Board requested Management to get details on the Advantage watering schedule and irrigation settings for the plantings at the entrance.


Parking – Question was raised as to what can be done about a vehicle on resident’s driveway that is not street legal.  Discussion about getting better communication with the community police officer.  Mr. Marsh will reach out to Officer Turner.


Tot Lot – Will be discussed under Old Business.


Pool – Ms. Ojeda discussed communication at all layers including Premier not communicating the pool issues like they did last year.  It was too late to clean the fuse box and it had to be replaced.  Pool committee meeting needs to be scheduled to discuss the pool rules.  Ms. Ojeda indicated she will only have the meeting if she gets enough responses from committee members.  Mr. DeRobertis asked if the committee currently has enough members.  There are approximately four members.  Need to determine how many active members there are and who actually wants to be on the committee.


VIII.   Management Update:

Mr. Barrows provided the following legislative updates:  Community associations can no longer request copies of leases; however they can still request tenant information.  Email votes with at least ten (10) business days’ notice no longer require unanimous consent.  However, Westerley’s bylaws specify email votes require unanimous consent.  A vote to amend the bylaws can be done at the annual meeting if desired.


Community Associations can now submit a request to state police to automatically be notified when a sex offender registers in the same or contiguous zip code as the Association.  The Board indicated they do not want to be automatically notified.


IX.      Old Business: 

Pool House Floor Status Update – Complete.


Pool Pump Disconnect Update – Safety switch box was replaced.  Complete.


Scanned Historical Records Update – Corrupt files were re-scanned.  Complete.


Bio Green Update – Management received written confirmation from VDOT today.  Work will be scheduled with the sub-contractor.  Best estimate is August time frame but vendor will try to get it scheduled sooner.  Board requests to be moved to front of the line for scheduling because of VDOT delays.  Management will follow up.


ProPave Reimbursement Update – Reimbursement check has been deposited to Association Account.  Complete.


Tot Lot Repairs Update – Approved contract was returned to vendor and 50% deposit was paid.  Delivery time frame is mid-July.  Board would like update on labor cost which should have gone down since bench installation was removed from the contract.


Advantage – Three Hydrangeas Approved – Approved contract was returned to vendor.  Advantage has not planted the hydrangeas yet.  Board would like the hydrangeas and perennials to be installed in the fall.  Management will follow up.


Fence/Advantage One Time Cleanup – Mr. DeRobertis provided background information:  In June, Board members walked the property and identified a few places where Advantage failed to clean the fence and some brush they did not clear out behind Tamarack.  A list of those areas was given to Advantage for completion.  Current status is that only about half of the community was ultimately cleaned up.  Board discussed various problems with the contract.  Notes from the initial walk with the vendor in January 2016 were lost.  The contract was not detailed enough.  The vendor representative who initially walked the property is no longer with the company.  Board would like Management to ask Advantage if and how they will maintain all areas if it has not been cleaned up first.


There was discussion about private property tree encroaching on the common area fence.  Ms. Ojeda will get the property address to Management for follow up.



Discussion About Management Company Issues – Board discussed problems that have come up with Management including manager turnover and transitions that have not gone well.  There have been problems with previous managers not keeping appropriate and organized records and action items languishing for a long time.


The Board heard from Ms. Poole and Mr. Barrows about actions taken thus far to move items to completion and how they are moving forward.


Miscellaneous Items – Mr. Barrows reported the mini refrigerator and bench were picked up.  The torn screen at the pool house was corrected.  The decorative fence boards supposed to be painted yesterday were not done; Mr. Barrows has reached out to the vendor for follow up.


X.        New Business:

Walking Trail Overlay Proposals – Board discussed two proposals.  One vendor declined to bid and one vendor did not submit a proposal to date.  Board requested Management to get a third proposal and references.  Board requested Management to get clarification and/or a match on the square footage, backfill and seeding, drainage guarantee, and two year warranty.


Board discussed the other trail along the new garden which needs repairs.  Board requested Management to get separate proposals for this, assuming the patchwork is an optional add-on to the overlay project.


Westerley Day 2016 – Previous events have not brought the community together as much as desired.  Discussion about alternative plans for a more cost-effective community event i.e. potluck, pool party.  Suggestion to post a request on the discussion list for residents to bring their talents to the event, i.e. face painting for the children.  Board will ask Mr. Mehta for lower-cost suggestions.


XI.      Executive Session:

Board agreed by consensus to move into executive session at 8:58 p.m. to discuss delinquencies and legal matters.


Board agreed by consensus to adjourn the executive session and reconvene the general session at 9:00 p.m.


XII.     Adjournment:

The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.