October, 2016 Board of Directors Meeting




21326 Augusta Drive

Sterling, VA 20164

October 27, 2016


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis   President        

                                            Jeff Marsh                 Vice President

                                            Angela Ojeda              Treasurer

                                            Stephanie Byers          Secretary


Board Members Absent:      None


Others Present:                     Anne Welsh                Grounds Committee

                                              Joe Barrows                Sentry Management

                                              Amy Showker             Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:

Ms. Welsh stated that on 46819 Vermont Maple the resident’s contents and trash are in the backyard, and she is disgraced by the condition of their property.  Management stated that they have sent the residents letters regarding the violations.  Ms. Welsh stated that she believed Management and the Board should address the issue.  The Board recommended that Ms. Welsh call the county regarding the concern.  Management stated that they would call the county to address the issue, and if the county does not accept the call from Management they will send an email to the Board.  Ms. Welsh stated that she believed that the Board was not being proactive enough regarding this issue. 

Ms. Ojeda stated that she asked the resident who had excessive trash on the curb if they had scheduled a special pick-up from the trash company. 

A resident presented an invoice from the towing company and presented a picture of their car without the business magnet (commercial vehicle) in order to make an appeal to the Board.  The resident stated that they removed the business magnet before the towing company arrived.  Mr. Marsh stated that the commercial vehicle (SUV with a business magnet) was given warnings on the following days from the parking committee:

·      October 5th – first warning sticker

·      October 14th – second warning sticker

·      October 18th – the towing company was called

The resident complimented the Board for their service and stated that they do not believe that “signage” on a personal vehicle should be an issue.  The Board stated that residents expressed concern regarding commercial vehicles in the community.  The Board noted that the community follows the county policy regarding commercial vehicles.  The Board stated that the policy does not allow any commercial vehicles in “open view”.  The Board reinterred that the parking policy states that any vehicle that has commercial signage is considered a commercial vehicle.  The resident stated that they would email Management a copy of the towing receipt.  Mr. DeRobertis stated that the issue would be discussed in executive session and a follow-up email would be sent to the resident regarding the Board’s decision. 


III.      Approval of Agenda:


MOTION:   Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried without objection (4-0-0).


IV.      Board Officers’ Reports: 


President:  No report.


Vice President:  No report.


Treasurer:  Ms. Ojeda called New York Life, and they stated that the account has not been updated since 2012.  Ms. Ojeda stated that the application to New York Life needs immediate attention.  Management stated that they could submit the paperwork, but they could not access the account without authorization from the Board.  Ms. Ojeda stated that she contacted Sentry regarding the accounting report. 

Ms. Ojeda stated that she has been reviewing invoices and has sent an email requesting assistance from the Board.  Mr. Marsh stated that he had difficulty understanding the emails from Ms. Ojeda.

Ms. Ojeda requested that the reserve account name be changed from “Pooled Reserve” to “Reserve, Common Replacement”.  Management stated they would address the change.




V.        Approval of Minutes: 


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to approve the September 29, 2016 Board meeting minutes as amended.  Motion carried without objection (4-0-0).


VI.      Committee Reports:

Grounds – Ms. Welsh stated that the committee has met and she showed the Board pictures of different flowers that would be planted throughout the community.  Ms. Welsh stated that the bus stop area is going to change the plan for landscaping, and she recommended that the discussion be postponed until January or February.  The Board discussed the seeding in the common grounds.  Ms. Welsh stated that she believed that the issue with seeding was because of the lack of rain.  Ms. Ojeda stated that one section of the fence needs to be addressed. 


Parking – No report.


Tot Lot – Ms. Byers stated that she would volunteer to power wash the tot lot. 


Pool – Ms. Ojeda stated that the pool pass system needs to be updated to remove individual residents and not entire families. 


A resident asked about the purpose of committees and stated that they were treated with disrespect by Ms. Ojeda.  The resident asked about the pool contract.  Management stated that Danielle has been very helpful with addressing the leakage in the locker room. 


VII.     Management Update/Old Business:


Pool Pump – Installed on Monday, October 24, 2016.


Replacement of stop sign – Complete.


Obtain warranty information on lighting from Nupen – Complete.


Schedule meeting with Anthony and Kauffmann – Complete.


Contact County regarding dry ponds – Management stated that they contacted David Wayland regarding the vegetation in the dry ponds.  The Board reviewed and discussed the information provided regarding the dry ponds in the Board Packet.  


Walk with Anne to identify trees for removal and violations – Complete.


Review and approve pool work – The Board reviewed the proposal provided by Premier in the Board packet.  Ms. Byers stated that she recommended asking Premier for further clarification regarding the recommendations they made. 


Board agreed by consensus to table the approval for pool work until they receive additional info from Premier.


Approve Draft Audit – Tabled.


Board agreed by consensus to table the approval of the draft audit.   


Review lighting – The Board reviewed and discussed the lighting proposals provided in the Board packet.  The Board also discussed how to the fund the project.  Ms. Welsh asked about the justification for the project.  The Board discussed the placement of lights within the community.  The Board discussed the phases of the lighting project as outlined in the Board Packet.  A resident commented that they would appreciate lighting at the entrance.  Management stated that they will obtain a quote for the project.


Board agreed by consensus to consider lighting as a future project for the pool parking lot and at the front entrance in the community.


Approve 2017 Budget –Ms. Ojeda stated that the Draft Budget was not complete.  Ms. Byers recapped the discussion regarding the Budget from the last meeting.  Mr. DeRobertis stated that the Board needs to schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss the Budget.  The Board requested that Management draft a Budget to be reviewed at the next meeting.  Management stated that there was concern from Entela regarding the lack of professionalism displayed by Ms. Ojeda.  Ms. Byers stated that the historical issues that were being discussed are not pertinent to the completion of the Draft Budget. 


The Board asked when the Budget needs to be finalized, and Management stated that November 1st is the deadline. The Board scheduled a follow-up meeting regarding the Budget for Tuesday, November 1st at 7:00 pm. Management stated that they would secure a location.   


VIII.   New Business:


There was no new business discussed.          


IX.      Adjournment:


The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.


The next Board meeting will be on December 1st, 2016.