January, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting




21326 Augusta Drive

Sterling, VA 20164

January 26, 2017


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis   President        

                                            Jeff Marsh                 Vice President

                                            Angela Ojeda             Treasurer

                                            Stephanie Byers         Secretary


Board Members Absent:      None


Others Present:                     Joe Barrows                Sentry Management

                                                Karen Case                  Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:

No residents present and no comments.


III.      Approval of Agenda:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried without objection.


IV.      Board Officers’ Reports: 


President:  No report.


Vice President:  No report.


Treasurer’s Report:  Ms. Ojeda provided the form from New York Life to establish bank signature cards.  Board reviewed the resolution on the form.


MOTION:  Ms. Ojeda moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to adopt the resolution in Section Five (5) of the New York Life securities account document.  Motion passed unanimously (4-0-0).


Board will have follow up discussion about the option to authorize Management to access account information.  No decision was made at this time.


Secretary:  No report.


V.        Approval of Minutes: 


MOTION:  Ms. Byers moved, Mr. Marsh seconded, to approve the December 1, 2016 Board meeting minutes as amended.  Motion passed (3-0-1) with Mr. DeRobertis abstaining.


VI.      Committee Reports:

Grounds – Board discussed the following concerns raised by Ms. Welsh via email. 

Discussion about dog urine spots in the community grass and how to address them.  A particularly affected area between the sidewalk and the street by the pool was discussed.  Ms. Byers has already posted general concerns on this issue to the discussion list.  As a temporary measure, Ms. Byers volunteered to cover the specified area with landscape netting.  Continued reminders about pet waste should go out to residents.

Discussion about muddy areas in the community where children play and possible solutions.  Suggestions to elevate the trees and create a play area for older children were discussed.  Board will look at this issue on a walk through and discuss further.

Discussion about Zoysia grass in private lawn.  This should be discussion for ARC/Design Guidelines.

Discussion about condition of the dry ponds.  Management will follow up with Advantage about picking up the trash and with the County about clearing the blocked drains.  Growing trees and roots are encroaching on the metal housing structure for the drainage on Tamarack. Large debris/mattress was observed near the dry pond on Tamarack and should be removed during the next cleanup.

Ms. Welsh is planning for the following: 1) walk with Advantage in February to finalize flower placement for summer, 2) walk with Management to discuss the tree work done by Advantage in December and report on it, 3) prepare preliminary design of area next to bus stop on Maple Leaf to present to Board in February.


Parking – Discussion about vehicle with a flat tire and vehicles parked in fire lane and how to address.  Board requested Management get contact information for the community police officer and make sure they know they have permission to patrol the townhome streets.


Tot Lot – No report.


Pool – Ms. Ojeda is reviewing the pool regulations and will forward information to the Board for review and comments.  Suggestion to take pool laptop to Best Buy for free diagnostic.


VII.     Management Update:


-       Irrigation reserve account was removed from draft audit – discuss further under Old Business.

-       Requested three audit engagements – discuss further under Old Business.

-       Approved lighting proposal was returned to the contractor.  Management needs clarification on number of lights desired – discuss further under Old Business.

-       Advantage trash pickup was changed from Fridays to Wednesdays.

-       Obtained pricing for twice weekly trash pickup from Advantage.

-       Reimbursed resident for towing expense.


VIII.   Old Business:


Approve Draft Audit – Management provided update on changes made to draft audit.  Board agreed future edits should go through Management to avoid miscommunication.


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to approve draft three (3) of the audit.  Motion carried unanimously (4-0-0).


Approve Next Audit Engagement – Board reviewed engagement letters from three companies. 


MOTION:  Ms. Ojeda moved, Mr. Marsh seconded, to approve Kahline CPA for auditing and taxes for years ending 2016 and 2017.  Motion carried unanimously (4-0-0).


Review Lighting – Board discussed lighting project for three existing Crape Myrtles.  Suggestion to plant additional tree to balance out the area between the last Crape Myrtle and the corner was discussed.  Board should seek Ms. Welsh’s input before making a decision on planting.  Management will follow up with Ms. Welsh about location for additional tree and with BioGreen about installing the wiring for a fourth light.


IX.      New Business:


Incidents at the Pool – Discussion about possible incident of slashed tire and empty alcohol containers in the pool parking lot.  Discussion about getting the community officer involved and suggestions to install motion-sensing security lights and surveillance cameras.


Fire Marshal’s Inspection – Management provided the summary and violations from the inspection.  The fire lane on Sweet Birch and Southern Magnolia Square has to be repainted and the sign moved three feet.  This will result in the loss of one parking space on the street. 

Several fire lane signs are in violation because they lack directional arrows.  Some of the other signs are faded and will likely need to be replaced soon.  Board agreed to have Management replace all fire lane signs to be in compliance.

Fire Marshal stated all of Hollow Mountain should be fire lane.  Management contends the fire lane painting should not be Association responsibility because the roads were released by VDOT as-is.  This issue is currently under discussion between the Fire Marshal and VDOT.  No action to take at this time.


Covenants Enforcement – Board discussed enforcement process for uncured violations to include removal of community privileges.  Board needs to move forward with hearings to enforce covenants policy.  The Association needs volunteers to work on updating the design guidelines to include newer materials and products.  Management will forward example of recent guidelines to Board for review.


Single Family Lighting – Board requested Management obtain proposals to install street lights on all single family house streets.  Discussion about whether money can be assessed to the single family houses for street lighting costs.


X.        Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to enter executive session at 8:54 p.m. to discuss collections.  Motion carried without objection.


Board agreed by consensus to close the executive session and reconvene the open session at 8:58 p.m.


XI.      Adjournment:


The Board meeting was adjourned at 8:59 p.m.