February, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting




21326 Augusta Drive

Sterling, VA 20164

February 23, 2017


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis   President        

                                            Jeff Marsh                 Vice President

                                            Angela Ojeda             Treasurer

                                            Stephanie Byers         Secretary


Board Members Absent:      None


Others Present:                     Anne Welsh                Grounds Committee

                                              Joe Barrows               Sentry Management

                                              Karen Case                Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:

No residents present and no comments.


III.      Approval of Agenda:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to approve the agenda as amended.  Motion carried without objection.


IV.      Board Officers’ Reports: 


President:  Mr. DeRobertis noted the pavers at the tot lot need to be cleaned.  Ms. Byers volunteered to powerwash them this spring.  Additionally the New York Life bank signature card form needed additional information which Ms. Ojeda just added.  The form was given to Management to submit by mail.


Vice President:  No report.


Treasurer’s Report:  Ms. Ojeda confirmed Management followed up with the new financial audit company.


Secretary:  Board agreed to move Management Update before Officer Reports on the agenda.


V.        Management Update: 

-       Provided sample ARB guidelines including newer materials.

-       Spoke with the County about dry ponds.  The County does not have an easement agreement for the dry pond with the tree in the drain.  Management asked Advantage to take care of the encroaching tree as well as remove the large debris as discussed at the last Board meeting.

-       Approved draft audit was returned to Goldklang; waiting for final audit to come in.

-       Approved engagement was sent back to Kahline CPA and Goldklang was notified that the Association is transitioning to a new auditor.

-       Met with Ms. Welsh to ask whether to add a Crape Myrtle as discussed at the last Board meeting.  Ms. Welsh recommended not adding the tree due to overcrowding.

-       The lights at the Crape Myrtles have been installed.

-       Made several attempts to communicate with the community police officer however he is not responding so far.  Management will continue to reach out.

-       Submitted request to Dominion for a lighting estimate for the single family homes.  Request process was delayed due to technical problems with Dominion’s online form and it had to be submitted manually.  If the Association chooses to use an outside contractor, Dominion confirmed that the Association would have to install a separate power source and Dominion would not maintain the lights.  No additional easement agreements should be needed because the lights would be installed on the utility strip.

-       Received new fire lane signs.  Sent corrective action plan to the Fire Marshal and it was approved.  Next step is to map out the placement of each sign and schedule the install.

-       Fire Marshal confirmed via email that the fire lane curb painting on Hollow Mountain is VDOT’s responsibility.  No further action needed from the Association.


VI.      Approval of Minutes: 


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to approve the January 26, 2017 Board meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion carried without objection.


VII.     Committee Reports:

Grounds – Board discussed the following updates from Ms. Welsh.

-       Inefficiency of Advantage using wrong tools on certain jobs.

-       Pansies covered with netting by the pool but not by the entrance.

-       Advantage cleanup done last week should have been done in December.

-       Two private property trees were removed however the stumps were left in the front yards.  Management will take a look during the covenants inspection.

-       Ms. Welsh will have a proposal to install a few more flowers along Augusta at the March meeting.

-       Ms. Welsh provided a recommendation for the area around the bus stop at Maple Leaf and Tamarack Ridge.  Board agreed Management should find out the County’s intention for that bus stop before making any decisions.  Management will follow up.


Parking – Vehicle with flat tire was repaired. Vehicle being stored in a common parking space has received a warning notice.  Committee will continue to encourage residents to report parking issues as soon as they notice them.


Tot Lot – Pavers will be powerwashed in the spring as discussed earlier in the meeting.  No other updates.


Pool – Ms. Ojeda forwarded a draft version of pool regulations to the Board.  Board discussed the need to hold a pool committee meeting to discuss the proposed regulation changes.  Ms. Ojeda will schedule the meeting. 


VIII.   Old Business:

Single Family Lighting – Board discussed how the cost of electricity could be assessed based on the bylaws.  Board directed Management to get a legal opinion on this.  Board also requested Management to get an estimate for the electrical consumption from Dominion.


Pool Chlorinator Replacement With New Filtration System – Existing filtration system and chlorinator works and can be replaced during pool season without interruption.  Board agreed to hold off on replacement until it is needed.


Fire Marshal Inspection / Fire Lanes - Informational Email to Residents – Board reviewed draft email to residents with updates on the recent Fire Marshal Inspection and resulting changes to parking, fire lanes and signage.  Parking space lines will also be painted at the location where the fire lane curb/sign has to be moved.


Ms. Welsh left the meeting at 8:08.


IX.      New Business:


There was no new business to discuss.


X.        Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to enter executive session at 8:13 p.m. to discuss collections and a zoning complaint.  Motion carried without objection.


Board agreed by consensus to close the executive session and reconvene the open session at 8:46 p.m.


XI.      Decisions Made Following Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Ms. Byers seconded, to approve a soft cease and desist letter as discussed in executive session.  Motion carried (3-1-0) with Ms. Ojeda opposed.


Ms. Ojeda noted she forgot to mention the pool laptop during the pool committee update.  She reported the pool laptop is working fine as long as it is plugged in to a power source.


XII.     Adjournment:


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MOTION:  There being no further business to discuss, Mr. DeRobertis moved to adjourn the Board meeting at 8:53 p.m.  Motion carried without objection.