April, 2016 Annual Meeting





Dominion High School Library

21326 Augusta Drive, Sterling, VA 20164


April 26, 2016


Board Members Present:                 Jeff Marsh                   Vice President

                                                        Angela Ojeda              Treasurer

                                                        Trushant Mehta           Director


Board Members Absent:                  Anthony DeRobertis   President

                                                        Stephanie Byers          Director


Committee Members Present:         Anne Welsh                Grounds Committee


Others Present:                                 Tracy Plazyk               Horizon Community Services

                                                            Joe Barrows                Horizon Community Services

                                                            Karen Case                  Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. Marsh called the meeting to order at 7:18 p.m.


II.        Proof of Quorum:  Quorum was met with 32 homeowners present in person or by proxy.


III.      Proof of Meeting Notice:  Management provided proof of meeting notice that was mailed to homeowners.


IV.      Reading of Minutes of 2015 Meeting:


MOTION:  Mr. Ahmad Al Hassan moved, Ms. Anne Welsh seconded, to approve the January 22, 2015 Annual Meeting minutes as presented. 



V.        Officer Reports: 

President – No report.

Vice President – No report. 

Treasurer – Ms. Ojeda reported that automating monthly assessment payments has proved to be a difficult task.  The Board needs to keep working on this in 2016, motivating homeowners to sign up for automated payments which reduce coupon books and late fees.  Another activity in 2015 was the scanning of the legacy documents for the community.  The Board is in the process of having the last four documents completely scanned.  Ms. Ojeda is getting ready for the validation of those documents.

Secretary – Mr. Marsh has been doing his best to post the meeting minutes on the website.  There are a few sets of minutes that still need to be updated.


VI.      Committee Reports: 

Tot Lot – Tot lot was re-mulched in 2015.  One bench and one piece of playground equipment are currently broken.  Board will look into replacement for both items.  Trash cans should be being cleaned soon by the new landscaping vendor.

Parking – Most recent parking policy effective November 1, 2015.  A couple of vehicles had to be towed for various reasons.  Residents can report any parking issues via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Vehicles blocking a fire lane or driveway can be towed immediately by calling the police or Road Runner.  The Board is not interested in towing vehicles, but rather educating residents to follow the policies.  Warning notices are given prior to towing except for immediate towing situations such as the fire lane.

Grounds – Ms. Welsh reported the new landscaping vendor is Advantage; they’ve been on the job since March 5th.  We are hoping for better service than the previous vendor.  They are supposed to mow within a 9-10 day time frame.  Please let Management know if you see anything you don’t like with the grounds.

Pool – The Association is continuing with the same pool company as last year.  Some renovations were done on the white coating of the pool and other things to make it more reliable.  Information about how to renew pool passes will be sent out within the next month.  The pool house floors are being renovated soon.  All the pool rules are posted on the website.


VII.     Election of Directors:  Mr. Marsh called for any nominations from the floor.

There were no nominations from the floor and there were no candidates for election.

The floor was closed to nominations.

There being no candidates, there was no election.

Mr. Marsh encouraged homeowners to email the Board if they want to join the Board in the future, as the Board can appoint a homeowner to fill the vacancy.


VIII.   Unfinished Business:  There was no unfinished business to discuss.


IX.      New Business:  Mr. Marsh called for any new business.  No new business was raised.


X.        Resident Open Forum:  Susan Douglas commented there are a lot of residents not shoveling the sidewalks in front of their house.  This led to a general discussion about plowing and shoveling, HOA rules and County regulations on clearing sidewalks.  It was suggested to bring this up on the discussion list.  Discussion about who is responsible for snow removal in the different areas.  VDOT is responsible for single family homes and the Association’s vendor is responsible for the townhouses.  The Board has discussed developing a snow emergency plan for future snow events like the blizzard in January.

A resident asked when the spring inspection will be and what follow up there will be as there has not been follow up in years past.  Spring inspection is scheduled to begin on May 5th.  Ms. Plazyk provided information regarding the process of inspection, violation notices and follow up inspections.  This led to discussion about what items are inspected and cited.


XI.      Drawings for Gift Cards:  Homeowners wrote their name and address on slips of paper for a drawing to win one of two (2) gift cards; one entry per unit.  The winners of a $50 gift card each were Mr. Chesleigh Jonker and Ms. Lorraine DeBlasio.



XII.     Adjournment:  The 2016 annual meeting was adjourned at 7:58 p.m.