December, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting





21030 Whitfield Place

Sterling, VA 20165


December 11, 2017


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis               President (arrived at 7:10)

                                                Jeff Marsh                               Vice President

                                                Angela Ojeda                          Treasurer

                                                Kelly Jonker                           Secretary


Board Members Absent:     Champion Chigwedu              Director


Others Present:                     Joe Barrows                            Sentry Management

                                                Karen Case                              Recording Secretary

                                                Rose Chidaushe                      Grounds Committee Chair

                                                Chesleigh Jonker                    Resident

Michael Horrigan                    Resident


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. Marsh called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:


Ms. Ojeda reported that resident Michael Horrigan would like to volunteer for the pool committee.


III.      Management Update:


·     All signed liens were returned to the attorney.

·     Reclassifications of some of the fire lane sign costs were completed.

·     Provided final revised management contract to the Board for signature.

·     Added Closings Report to the Board packet.  No closings in November.

·     Approved budget was sent to corporate office for uploading for the mailing.

·     Obtained snow removal contract from Kauffman.

·     Had pest control look at the pool area; currently monitoring and treating for moles.


IV.      Board Officers’ Reports:  


Vice President:  No report.


Secretary:  No report.



Treasurer’s Report:  Ms. Ojeda confirmed that New York Life had updated the account information.  The account has approximately $148,000 and is earning minimal interest.  She would like to begin inviting financial management companies to present at a Board meeting regarding better investment strategies for the money in that account. 


Mr. DeRobertis arrived at 7:10 p.m.


Ms. Ojeda asked Management if residents with auto-pay receive coupon book.  Mr. Barrows indicated they should not receive one. Ms. Ojeda asked Management to provide the number of coupon books that are being printed this year.


V.        Approval of Agenda:


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved to approve the agenda as written.  Motion carried without objection.


President’s Report:  No report.


VI.      Approval of Minutes:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the November 13, 2017 Board meeting minutes as submitted.  Motion carried without objection.


VII.     Committee Reports:


Grounds Committee (GC)– Ms. Chidaushe reported GC is working on prioritizing tree removals. Advantage has started the process; most of the areas around the pool and townhomes have been done.  According to Advantage, there are not that many dead trees in the rest of the community.  Advantage is in the process of developing a proposal for tree removals and transplants where appropriate.  GC is looking to do this work sometime early 2018.  Ms. Ojeda reported she communicated with the County’s Chief Engineer regarding the dry pond that is not in the easement access plan. Chief Engineer directed Ms. Ojeda to contact the County Attorney to continue with the process for requesting the County to assume maintenance responsibility for the dry pond.


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Ojeda seconded, that the Board would like Loudoun County to assume storm water maintenance and inspection responsibilities for ME422.  Motion carried without objection.


Parking– Mr. Marsh reported parking committee has received another email from a resident regarding a boat parked periodically in the single family home area.  It was suggested to contact the Zoning department for information.  


Mr. Marsh talked with Road Runner, reminding them that they are permitted to patrol and immediately tow vehicles parked in a fire lane as well as vehicles taking up more than one parking space.  Anything else requires a towing request from the Board.  


Mr. Marsh is starting to collect data on how many spaces are open and how many vehicles are being stored.


Tot Lot– No report.


Pool– Ms. Ojeda stated Michael Horrigan has volunteered for the Pool Committee.


MOTION:  Ms. Ojeda moved, Mr. DeRobertis seconded, to appoint Michael Horriganto the Pool Committee.  Motion carried without objection.


Ms. Ojeda reported on the proposals received for pump room repairs.  One of the vendors does not have workman’s comp insurance.  Ms. Ojeda suggested having the Association’s attorney draft a document for vendors to sign stating that, if there is an injury, the Association will not be held liable.  Mr. DeRobertis suggested also sending the Sentry Management waiver document to the attorney for review and advice.  There was discussion about requesting references and confirming the vendors are qualified to work with the equipment in the pump room.  Further discussion was tabled to the next pool committee meeting.  Ms. Ojeda indicated the next meeting will be scheduled in next week or so.  The committee also continues to work on quotes for the furniture.


VIII.   Old Business:


Sidewalk Proposals: Board discussed the two proposal that were received.  Board directed Management to obtain an additional proposal.  Work will be done in the spring.  Board tabled further discussion until Management obtains a third proposal.


Pump Room Repairs:  Discussed under Pool Committee Report.


Mailing List Code of Conduct:  This item is regarding developing a general code of conduct for members using the email discussion list.  Board had general discussion about whether or not to move forward with developing such a code, which would have to go through the Association attorney.  No action items came from the discussion.  Further discussion was tabled indefinitely.


Sprinkler System:  Ms. Ojeda reported she requested clarification on the numbers or an updated bid from BioGreen regarding the area they are covering.  Grounds committee will discuss this further at the next committee meeting which is January 10, 2018.  Board directed Management to get quotes to have the sprinkler system moved to the other water feed and shut off valves installed.  Ms. Ojeda requested labeling and painting with anti-corrosive paint.



IX.      New Business:


Premier:  Board discussed an unsolicited proposal from Premier for various items including re-grouting, skimmers, replacement of filter tank media.  Further discussion was tabled until the next Board meeting to allow more time for pool committee to review the proposal.


Other Items for Open Session:  Ms. Ojeda inquired on the status of the letter to change the covenants.  Management confirmed with the attorney does indeed need to have every owner of the unit sign off.  No additional work on the letter has been done since that time.  Next step is to review the previous minutes and Board packets for any additional changes that were needed and review the draft letter. 


X.        Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Mr. Marsh seconded, to move into executive session at 8:15 p.m. for the purpose of discussing a lien and a request for a payment plan or reduction.  Motion carried without objection.


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to close the executive session and reconvene the open session at 8:40 p.m.  Motion carried without objection.


XI.      Decisions Made After Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Ms. Ojeda seconded, to authorize legal counsel to negotiate a payment plan, no less than a minimum as specified in attorney-client communications.  Motion carried unanimously (4-0-0).


XII.     Adjournment:


There being no further business to discuss, the Board meeting was adjourned at 8:41 p.m.