June, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting





21030 Whitfield Place

Sterling, VA 20165


June 11, 2018


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis               President

                                                Jeff Marsh                               Vice President

                                                Stephanie Eckman

                                                Chris Lee         


Board Members Absent:     None


Others Present:                     Joe Barrows                            Sentry Management

Rose Chidaushe                      Grounds Committee

Chesleigh Jankers                   ARB Committee

Alison Ware                            Recording Secretary

Angela Ojeda              


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:  Topics brought up by homeowners included:

·     Recent Board meeting with legal counsel

·     Appointment of Board members for two open positions

·     Election of Board officers

·     Concern about vehicle being stored in a parking space


III.      Approval of Agenda:


Mr. DeRobertis added the following item under Old Business:

·      Election of Board officers


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried without objection.



IV.      Management Update:


-      Had fallen tree limb removed after storm

-      Had fence repaired along trail

-      Coordinated meeting between Board and legal counsel

-      Conducted re-inspection of violations

-      Scheduled hearings


V.        Board Officers’ Reports:  


President: Mr. DeRobertis shared that he has been working on the draft tree removal procedure and will prepare it for Board review at the July meeting. Mr. DeRobertis also stated that the Board needs to schedule a date for covenants violations hearings. Additionally, Mr. DeRobertis brought up the need to repair the phone system at the pool. The pool has been closed recently because pools in Loudoun County must have a working hardwire telephone line, and the pool phone line was recently damaged. Mr. DeRobertis suggested finding out whether a company other than Verizon would be able to install a phone line. Finally, Mr. DeRobertis shared that one of the street lamps that Dominion bills the community for cannot be located. 


Vice President: No report.


VI.      Approval of Minutes:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the May 2018 Board meeting minutes as submitted. Motion carried without objection.


VII.     Committee Reports:


Grounds– Ms. Chidaushe shared an update on the draft tree removal process that Mr. DeRobertis and the landscaping committee have been working on. The Board and homeowners present discussed how homeowners will be notified when the Board plans to remove trees. A homeowner present asked a question about edging. The Board requested that the homeowner send them the street/specific location where the edging was done incorrectly. 


A second homeowner expressed a concern about residents who do not regularly cut their grass. Ms. Chidaushe and Mr. DeRobertis explained that this issue might be addressed as part of the covenants violations hearings. The homeowner also asked whether Advantage Landscaping could cut residents’ private grass and trim overgrown trees on their private property for a flat fee. The Board and homeowners present discussed this idea.


Ms. Ojeda brought up an email from the county about the dimensions and maintenance of the storm retention pond. Mr. DeRobertis added this as an agenda item to New Business.


Parking– Mr. Marsh summarized several emails the committee recently received about stored vehicles and cars parked in a fire lane. Mr. Marsh nominated Ms. Stephanie Eckman, Mr. Les Eckman, and Ms. Rose Chidausheto the parking committee. Mr. Arvind Sudannominated himself as a parking committee member.


Tot Lot– Mr. Marsh stated that Advantage gave an estimate of $3,200 for the tot lot mulch, which he believes to be high. Mr. Marsh asked about the dimensions of the tot lot and how much mulch to order.


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Ms. Eckman seconded, for the tot lot committee to purchase 20 cubic yards of white carpet mulch from Virginia Ground Covers for a total not to exceed $600. The motion passed unanimously (3-0-0).


Mr. Marsh suggested organizing resident volunteers to spread the mulch on July 7th, 14th, or 15th. Mr. Marsh requested that Management contact Advantage about borrowing wheelbarrows to move the mulch.


Ms. Ojeda asked Management a question about the lift station mentioned in the financial report. Management clarified that this number was for sidewalk repairs. Management took note of this, as the number was charged to the incorrect account. Ms. Ojeda requested that Management update the balance sheet to reflect this correction.


Pool– Ms. Ojeda provided an update on the new pool furniture. Mr. Marsh asked when the remaining pool furniture will be delivered. The Board discussed the delivery timeline and potential delivery charges. Mr. DeRobertis requested that Management contact the company to ask that the umbrellas and remaining furniture be placed on the same delivery truck. 


Ms. Ojeda stated that the pool committee recommends the Board allocate $2,500 for pool reserve expenses. Mr. DeRobertis clarified that this should be part of common reserves. Mr. DeRobertis would like the Board to review the bills in question and vote on this matter.


ARB– No report.


VIII.   Old Business:


Appointment of Board Members:  Mr. DeRobertis explained the rules for appointment of additional Board members and shared that the Board is not planning to reappoint Ms. Ojeda. 


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Mr. DeRobertis seconded, to nominate Mr. Chris Lee and Mr. Rick Khosla to the Board. The motion passed unanimously (3-0-0).


The Board discussed the length of the terms (one year and two years) for the two open Board positions. Mr. Lee requested the two year term (subject to Mr. Khosla’s agreement).


Election of Officers:  The Board agreed to table this item until Mr. Khosla is present.


Reserve Study Approval: The Board discussed the 2017 reserve study. Ms. Ojeda brought up several items in the reserve study, including pool maintenance and repairs. The Board discussed the pool maintenance reserve number recommended in the study. Mr. DeRobertis requested that Ms. Ojeda share her detailed analysis of the reserve study with the Board via email. The Board agreed to approve the reserve study at the July meeting.


Welcoming Committee: The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Covenants Amendment: Mr. DeRobertis shared an update on the covenants amendment. Voting on the covenants amendment is not a typical vote, as all owners of each unit would have to sign off on the changes. The draft covenants change states that only two thirds of homeowners would need to approve covenants changes (compared with the current number of 90 percent). The Board discussed the best way to communicate this potential amendment to homeowners. The Board agreed to finalize the amendment at next month’s meeting.


Fence Repair:  Mr. DeRobertis stated that the Board asked the attorneys about this, but more information is needed. The attorney requested the particular location of the fence. The fence in question is a community divider that sits on private property. Ms. Chidaushe suggested that the landscaping and ARB committees work together to identify addresses where the fence is located.


IX.      New Business:


Audit:  The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Storm Retention Pond:  The Board discussed the location of the storm retention pond and whether the county is responsible for maintaining it. Mr. DeRobertis suggested that the grounds committee be included in this determination. The Board discussed the accuracy of the boundary survey from the county. The Board agreed to table this item until next month and will ask if the grounds committee has any feedback.


Appointment of Parking Committee Members:  The Board discussed the appointment of Ms. Stephanie Eckman, Mr. Les Eckman, and Ms. Rose Chidaushe to the parking committee. 


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Mr. DeRobertis seconded, to nominate the three homeowners listed above to the parking committee. The motion passed (3-0-1) with Ms. Eckman abstaining.


The Board discussed whether to appoint Mr. Arvind Sudan to the parking committee. Mr. Marsh will draft an email for Management to send Mr. Sudan on behalf of the Board.


X.        Executive Session:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to enter executive session at 8:54 p.m. to discuss legal matters, delinquencies, and covenants-related items. Motion carried without objection.


The Board agreed by consensus to close the executive session and reconvene the open session at 9:00 p.m.


XI.      Adjournment:


The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.