May, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting





Dominion High School Library

21326 Augusta Drive, Sterling, VA 20164


May 14, 2018


Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis               President

                                                Jeff Marsh                               Vice President

                                                Stephanie Eckleman                


Board Members Absent:     None


Others Present:                     Joe Barrows                            Sentry Management

Alison Ware                            Recording Secretary


I.         Call to Order:  Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 8:04 p.m.


II.        Resident Forum:  The Board and homeowners present discussed the appointment of officers.


III.      Approval of Agenda:


Mr. DeRobertis added the following item under Old Business:

·      Tree removal bids


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried without objection.



IV.      Management Update:


-      Sent mulch pricing from Virginia Ground Covers to Mr. Marsh 

-      Prepared and sent annual meeting notices

-      Obtained tree removal quotes for grounds committee 

-      Sent approved agreement to Bio Green

-      Obtained insurance as needed from Davis Contracting and processed payment 


V.        Board Officers’ Reports:  


President: No report. 


Vice President: No report.


Treasurer’s Report: No report.


VI.      Approval of Minutes:


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the April 2018 Board meeting minutes as submitted. Motion carried without objection.


VII.     Committee Reports:


Grounds– No report. The grounds committee recommends the Board select the tree removal quote from Donegan’s Tree Service.


Parking– No report.


Tot Lot– No report.


Pool– No report.


ARB– No report.


VIII.   Old Business:


Tree Removal Bids: Mr. DeRobertis stated that three quotes were obtained for the tree removal work (47 trees total). The grounds committee recommends selecting Donegan’s Tree Service.


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Mr. Marsh seconded, to approve the Donegan’s tree removal proposal for no more than $8,770 to include stump grinding. The motion passed unanimously (3-0-0).


Tot Lot Mulch: The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Reserve Study Approval: The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Welcoming Committee: The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Covenants Amendment: Mr. DeRobertis shared that legal drafted a change to the covenants which states that only two thirds of homeowners would need to approve covenants changes. The Board discussed the best way to communicate this potential amendment to homeowners. The Board determined that the best way to move forward is to begin by contacting homeowners who live off site. Ms. Ojeda’s draft cover letter will go into next month’s Board packet.


Fence Behind Hollow Mountain Place:  The Board discussed the fence and who is responsible for maintaining it. The fence is a community divider that sits on private property. The Board and homeowners present agreed that residents should receive clear communication regarding who is responsible for maintaining the fence. Mr. DeRobertis suggested asking legal for advice before sending information about the fence to the community. He will draft this question for legal and bring it to the next meeting. Mr. DeRobertis also suggested checking the covenants to verify that the fence is definitely the responsibility of individual homeowners.


Tree Removal Process:  Mr. DeRobertis shared the tree removal process that he drafted. In his plan, Management can handle emergency tree removals and the grounds committee can handle all other tree removals. The Board discussed the draft tree removal process, and determined that before and after pictures illustrating the work would be helpful (i.e., confirmation that the job has been completed).


IX.      New Business:


Election of Officers:  The Board agreed to table this item for now.


Solar Panels:  The Board discussed solar panels and whether they are allowed in the community. Solar panels are permitted per Virginia law, but they may have to follow design regulations and/or be placed in particular areas. 


X.        Adjournment:


The Board meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.