April, 2019 Board of Directors Meeting





21030 Whitfield Place

Sterling, VA 20165


April 9, 2019



Board Members Present:     Anthony DeRobertis               President

Jeff Marsh                               Vice President

Chris Lee                                Treasurer

Stephanie Eckman                  Secretary


Board Members Absent:      Rick Kholsa                            Director 


Others Present:                     Entela Vangjeli                       Sentry Management 

Renee Garcia-Tolson              Recording Secretary


Residents Present:                Les Eckman

Bobby Rauf     



I.              Call to Order


Mr. DeRobertis called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. and confirmed that a quorum was met.


II.            Approval of Agenda


MOTION: Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried without objection. 



III.          Resident Forum

There were no comments. 


IV.          Approval of Minutes 


MOTION: Mr. DeRobertis moved to approve the March 26th, 2019 meeting minutes as submitted. Motion carried without objection.




V.            Management Update


Management reported that the pool umbrellas were delivered. The April 7th walkthrough of the common grounds with Shenandoah went well. Management provided a detailed summary of the walkthrough and the Board had a discussion. Additional inspection notes will be emailed to the Board. 


Management contacted L&P maintenance to pressure wash the main Westerley entrance sign. Further details will be discussed in old business. The Dominion High School space has been reserved for the Annual Meeting on the 14th of May.


VI.          Board Officers’ Reports  


President – Mr. DeRobertis stated that during the walkthrough, he noticed several pet waste stations need to be replaced. He has also received Lafayette online access to view the bank account balances.    


VII.        Committee Reports

a.     Grounds – Nothing to report. 

b.    Parking – Mr. Marsh stated that he is expecting a response from the community officer regarding the boat.        

c.     Tot Lot – Nothing to report.  

d.    Pool – Mr. Eckman stated that the Pool Committee met to discuss the pool repairs. Mr. Eckman provided a summary of the repairs to the Board and there was a discussion. Management and the Board agreed to change the pool area locks and will seek a proposal for the scope of work. Pool passes will be distributed on April 27th and 28th and notification will be sent to all homeowners.   


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Ms. Eckman seconded, to approve up to $6,500.00 for pool repairs. Motion carried without objection.  


e.     ARB Report – Nothing to report.

f.      Welcoming Committee – Nothing to report. 


VIII.     Old Business

a.     Tree Removal Process – Nothing to report.  

b.    Sign Project – The Board discussed options of refurbishing the main Westerley entrance sign. The Board agreed to prioritize cleaning the sign before installing the solar lighting. 


MOTION:  Mr. Marsh moved, Mr. Lee seconded, to approve up to $300.00 for pressure washing and acid washing the main Westerley entrance sign. Motion carried without objection.   


c.     Pool Rules and Regulations – The Board had a discussion about the pool rules and regulations. Management will send the Board’s suggestions to legal counsel.  

IX.          New Business


No new business. 


X.            Executive Session


MOTION:  Mr. DeRobertis moved, Mr. Lee seconded, to enter into Executive Session at 8:03 p.m. for the purposes of discussing legal matters, delinquencies, and covenants related items. Motion carried without objection.  


XI.         Reconvene Board Session


The Board agreed by consensus to close the executive session and reconvene the open session at 8:22 p.m.  


XII.        Adjournment


The Board meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.