Westerley News

Annual Meeting Tonight

The association annual meeting is tonight (Tuesday, January 14). It's at Dominion High School, room 407. Registration starts at 18:30; the meeting starts at 19:00.

Notarized proxies can be brought to the meeting. Alternatively:

  1. You can show up during the registration period (6:30–7:00pm) and sign a proxy form in front of Patti (our management rep). She's a notary and can notarize it. You don't have to stay for the meeting—you can be in and out a few minutes. We'll have copies of the proxy form available.
  2. You can show up during the registration period, and stay only until quorum is established, and leave after that. You won't get to cast any votes, but you will count for quorum.
  3. You can attend the meeting and cast your votes in person. No proxy form needed.

Voting is open to all members of the association (all owners) who are in good standing.