Westerley News

Special Meeting on Parking

The Board is holding a special meeting on parking. Owners and residents are invited to attend and offer their suggestions.

The purpose of this meeting is to first determine which problems we'd like to (and can) solve with a new parking policy and then, once we've agreed on our goals, write down requirements specific enough to send to the lawyers so they can actually draft a policy resolution.

When?7pm on Thursday, September 11, 2014
Where?Pool House, or nearby


  1. Quick decision—who is taking minutes? (Presumably the secretary.)
  2. Quick decision—meeting end time: do we adjourn at 8pm no matter what, or will we allow it to go longer? (Decide this at the meeting, but /before/ we start arguing).
  3. Residents open forum (limited to topics germane to the meeting, and of a limited length depending on how late we've decided to go).
  4. Identify goals of/problems we're solving with a new policy.
  5. Decide if we're doing any of the major changes: assigned parking, parking passes, etc.
  6. Ideas to achieve each goal
  7. Write something up to send to legal or alternatively select someone to write that up. Decide if it should be sent ASAP or presented at the next board meeting for approval.