Westerley News

Snow Removal Informaton

As you're likely aware, this morning the National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch for our area. A few quick notes about snow removal:

  • Cars parked on the street obstruct snow plowing. If possible, please do not park on the street when snow is anticipated.
  • Snow plowing in the town home areas is done by the HOA's contractor. They generally do not plow storms less than 2", and may do several preliminary plows before the snow stops. The goal while snow is still falling is to keep the streets passable for emergencies. Final snow removal, salting, sand sanding may not begin until a few hours after the snow stops, and the goal is to get the streets fully passable, not to clear them to blacktop. Please send any concerns to management (540-751-1888) and/or the board.
  • Snow plowing in the single-family home areas is done by VDOT. The HOA has no control over it. Status of VDOT's plowing can be seen online at VDOT Plows They can be contacted online or via 1-800-367-ROAD.
  • Clearing the sidewalk in front of your house is your responsibility. Per county ordinance, this is generally supposed to be completed within six hours of the snow stopping (check the ordinance for exceptions).