Westerley News

Special Meeting: Pool House Floor

The President of the Association has called a special meeting of the Board of Directors regarding the pool house floor proposal. The proposal is for installing a tile floor.

When: Sunday, April 17 at 11:00 AM
Where: The pool house (46840 Vermont Maple Terrace)

  1. Resident's open forum (limited to the pool house floor)
  2. Chose a color from the sample tiles
  3. Decide if we keep existing baseboard tiles or replace with new tile.
  4. Vote on proposal
The hope is to complete the meeting in under twenty minutes.

Trash Pickup Resumes after Snow

Trash Away has notified us that they're resuming their normal pickup schedule starting Thursday. Our trash should therefor be picked up on Friday. In addition, they should be picking up recycling Friday as well (since they missed Tuesday).

Board meeting tomorrow canceled

Due to the school being closed, the meeting Thursday night is canceled. The board is working on rescheduling for next week.

Snow Removal Informaton

As you're likely aware, this morning the National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch for our area. A few quick notes about snow removal:

  • Cars parked on the street obstruct snow plowing. If possible, please do not park on the street when snow is anticipated.
  • Snow plowing in the town home areas is done by the HOA's contractor. They generally do not plow storms less than 2", and may do several preliminary plows before the snow stops. The goal while snow is still falling is to keep the streets passable for emergencies. Final snow removal, salting, sand sanding may not begin until a few hours after the snow stops, and the goal is to get the streets fully passable, not to clear them to blacktop. Please send any concerns to management (540-751-1888) and/or the board.
  • Snow plowing in the single-family home areas is done by VDOT. The HOA has no control over it. Status of VDOT's plowing can be seen online at VDOT Plows They can be contacted online or via 1-800-367-ROAD.
  • Clearing the sidewalk in front of your house is your responsibility. Per county ordinance, this is generally supposed to be completed within six hours of the snow stopping (check the ordinance for exceptions).

Christmas Tree Pickup

According to Trash Away, they'll be picking up Christmas trees for the first two weeks of January on the normal trash pickup days.

Board and Grounds Committee Walk with New Landscaping Contractor

At the December meeting, the Board reviewed bids for the grounds contract and selected Advantage Landscape Services as the finalist, pending a satisfactory walk of the community. On Monday, January 18th, the Board and Grounds Committee are joining a representative of Advantage for that walk. During the walk, we will be discussing Westerley's requirements and the services they provide.

The walk begins at 11:00AM on the 18th. We'll meet up in front of the pool house. Walking all the grounds will take several hours. After the walk is finished, we'll find somewhere to sit down for a recapitulation and make sure we're all on the same page after the lengthy walk.

As this is a work session, it is open to residents. While management informs me there isn't an open session before work sessions, we'll be happy to hear limited comments from any neighbors who care to join us, as long as it remains productive.

A rain/snow date has not been selected. Cancellation and/or rescheduling will be posted to the web site and discussion list.

Upcoming Meetings in October (UPDATED)

We have threefour upcoming meetings:
  1. On Saturday, October 17, noon at the Tot Lot we'll be holding a special meeting of the Board of Directors, to cover the following topics: HLS and the grounds contract; a "thank you" letter and contribution to Sterling Fire for visiting us on Westerley Day; discuss a social media policy (parts of this may be held in executive session, if we need to discuss attorney-client privileged material); management contract review; and and any needed planning for the parking committee.
  2. On Tuesday, October 20 at 7pm in the Dominion High School Library, we'll be holding the October regular board meeting. Before that, at 18:30, we will be holding covenants hearings (if any are requested).
  3. On Thursday, October 22, also at 7p in the Dominion High School Library, we'll be holding the first Parking Committee meeting. We will be discussing the newly-approved parking policy in detail and planning how the committee will operate. There may also be a short board meeting solely to formally charter and appoint the Parking Committee.
  4. (new) On Saturday, October 24, at 12pm in the Dominion High School Library, we'll be holding a continuation of the meeting on Tuesday, as we didn't finish the agenda.

As with all Westerley board and committee meetings, these meetings are open to members of the association and an open forum (comment period) will be held near the start of the meeting. At the regular meeting, comments may be on any matter related to the HOA; at the two other meetings, comments should be germane to the subjects to be discussed at those meetings.

Westerley Day This Saturday

Westerley Day is Saturday, August 8, from noon through four. It's at the pool and in the pool parking lot.

  • Water slides
  • Pizza (1:30pm until its gone)
  • Snow Cones & Cotton candy (noon, until we run out)
  • Face painting, balloons (starting at 2:00pm)
  • Water and soft drinks
  • DJ playing music and running pool games
  • Fire department showing off a fire truck (around 1pm)